The seminar for judges of economic courts was held at the Faculty of Law

On the May, the 29th, the seminar “Innovations in the enforcement of commercial court decisions (in the context of the new Law of Ukraine “On Enforcement Proceedings”)” was held at the faculty of law. Judges of the local commercial courts from the 8 regions of Ukraine took part in it (Transcarpathian, Lviv, Volyn, Chernivtsi region and others).

The event was organized with the help of the National School of judges of Ukraine, in particular with it’s regional department – Commercial Court of Transcarpathia.

The participants gathered in courtroom where the work was begun. First of all, the dean of the Faculty of Law Yaroslav Lazur welcomed all of the participants. He marked that such kind of combination of scientific work and educational activities, possibility to communicate and have a discussion with the leading practitioners of the branch is very useful and effective. He reminded that recently the discussion of relevant problems of judges’ independence was held at the faculty. This confirms the fact that the form of combining of science and practice becomes traditional for the faculty.

“I’m sure that this is a kind of format that will give the possibility to improve educational process, make the work more productive, and the conclusions of the discussion will be useful in your daily court work either”, – noticed Mr. Lazur. After all, he wished all of the participants to have an interesting and meaningful discussion, that can make deeper the developments that already exist in scientific and practical are.

Oleh Vaskovskiy, the Head of the Commercial Court of Trancarpathian region, also came to welcome all of the presents. He noticed the relevance of the chosen topic, as in the law that is put forward for discussion there are many innovations. For those who is engaged in scientific activity it is the possibility to work and analyze this innovations, and for the practical judges it’s a chance to test them and to predict how their actions would look like in different situations. Mr. Vaskovskiy wished participants to get something new for themselves from this meeting, and also to check their knowledge so this all may bring a purpose.

The Head of the Regional department of the national school of judges Oxana Polna emphasized that only few events for the judges of the commercial courts were held, so it was decided to organize this seminar. Carrying out this event in Uzhhorod is a new experience for it’s participants as the majority of the related meetings were always held in Lviv. After the session she asked the participants to pass a short test to specify what topics would be also interesting for them.

Also she noticed that not only the judge-practitioners, but also narrow-profiled specialists and scientists were involved in the seminar. In particular, these were Vadym Ovhynnykov – the Deputy Head of the state bailiffs service of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Transcarpathian region, Yaroslav Hretsa – the associate professor of the commercial law department of the Faculty of Law, UzhNU, Svitlana Boyko – the Judge of the Lviv Economic Court of Appeal and others.

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